The Fate of the Phoenix Suns Lies in Deandre Ayton’s Hands.

I’ve been following Deandre Ayton since his high-school days, he always received comparisons to Continue reading “The Fate of the Phoenix Suns Lies in Deandre Ayton’s Hands.”

Isaiah Thomas would find the love he seeks with the Orlando Magic.

Isaiah Thomas’s hip injury came up again and he is now out for the rest of the season. Had hip surgery which is a 4 month process but he should be ready for the 2018-2019 NBA season. His stint in Cleveland after being traded there was short lived, he had chemistry issues on the floor with Lebron James and could not play his style of play in a system which revolved around Lebron. He was traded Continue reading “Isaiah Thomas would find the love he seeks with the Orlando Magic.”

Trae Young would keep Lebron James on the Cavaliers.

Trae Young has took the NCAA by storm and has shown the ability to shoot from all over the floor and also the ability to break down defenses and finish at the rim. Lebron James raved about Trae Young and how he should go pro as soon as possible, so the question is would the Cavaliers drafting Trae Young lead to Lebron James re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer? If you ask me yes Continue reading “Trae Young would keep Lebron James on the Cavaliers.”

Cuban: Losing is Mavericks best option.

This could be looked at from all sort of point of views, from the Mavs fan-base who pay money to go watch the games at the arena obviously this irritates you since you have invested your own money to watch the Mavericks compete but for basketball reasons the Mavericks would be right to tank the rest of the way. I mean let’s face it the Jazz,Lakers,Clippers are all vying for the 8th spot and Continue reading “Cuban: Losing is Mavericks best option.”

Why Lebron should sign with the Phoenix Suns.

The Phoenix Suns have a ton of money and cap space to play with this coming summer and Lebron should look to sign with the Suns. Here is why, they have a young star in Devin Booker who is an Continue reading “Why Lebron should sign with the Phoenix Suns.”