Chris Paul to the Milwaukee Bucks with Khris Middleton going to the OKC Thunder?

So LeBron,Kawhi,Curry,Durant, and Harden all have a superstar to play with but Giannis who has thrust himself into the conversation for best player in the league has to win a championship over the next 2 years with Khris Middleton? By no means am I taking any shots at Khris Middleton but Chris Paul deserves a shot at a championship and what better way to do it than to win it with the MVP of the NBA who your former teammate James Harden could not win a championship with Continue reading “Chris Paul to the Milwaukee Bucks with Khris Middleton going to the OKC Thunder?”

Steven Adams is OKC’s secret weapon.

Steven Adams is 7’0 255 pounds and averaging close to 14 ppg to go with 9 rebounds and 1 block per game. He will be around for 3 more seasons after this one after signing a 4 year $100 million dollar contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder last year. For those of you who who not know much about Steven Adams let me enlighten you, this man was a key part to the Oklahoma City Thunder having the Golden State Warriors on the brink of elimination in the 2016 Western Conference Finals. The Golden State Warriors made an amazing comeback on Continue reading “Steven Adams is OKC’s secret weapon.”