The Pelicans must trade Anthony Davis.

Demarcus Cousins goes down with an achilles injury last night which will put him out for the rest of the season. The Pelicans were on pace to make the playoffs and even though a playoff berth is still within reach the Cousins-Davis experiment might have seen the end. Kobe Bryant suffered a similar injury and never came back the same, although Kobe was much older the big question is will Demarcus come back the same player? It’s a huge toss up Continue reading “The Pelicans must trade Anthony Davis.”

Lebron James is taking away the competitiveness from the NBA.

Do not get me wrong Lebron James will go down one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, but he is ruining everything the NBA All-Star game used to be. Back in the 80’s Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson went at each other in all-star games, yes they had a great relationship but there was a point in Magic’s career where he had to decide between his friendship with Isiah or the Los Angeles Lakers and Continue reading “Lebron James is taking away the competitiveness from the NBA.”

The Knicks Should Move Frank Ntilikina, Trey Burke has Arrived.

Call me crazy but the Knicks need to start making some moves, Frank Ntilikina might turn out to be an exceptional player but just how good will he really be? I know he is young and needs time but I just don’t see a player who will be good enough to take the Knicks anywhere. He does not seem confident in his offensive game, he is timid coming off screens, his ball handling ability is suspect, and do the Continue reading “The Knicks Should Move Frank Ntilikina, Trey Burke has Arrived.”

The Portland Trailblazers should save Kevin Love from Cleveland.

Kevin Love was called out by GM Koby Altman for coming out of the game Saturday against the Thunder and you have to imagine Kevin Love is not very happy at the moment and feeling underappreciated by the Cleveland franchise. Kevin Love has sacrificed his game to fit in with an offense which revolves Continue reading “The Portland Trailblazers should save Kevin Love from Cleveland.”