Andrew Wiggins and Devin Booker need new homes, the Suns and Timberwolves should consider a swap.

Watching the Suns and Timberwolves this season I’ve come up with a swap which could uplift both franchises. The Timberwolves have been able to stay in the playoff hunt this season and will likely be in the 2018 NBA Playoffs but rumors have surfaced about Continue reading “Andrew Wiggins and Devin Booker need new homes, the Suns and Timberwolves should consider a swap.”


Trae Young would keep Lebron James on the Cavaliers.

Trae Young has took the NCAA by storm and has shown the ability to shoot from all over the floor and also the ability to break down defenses and finish at the rim. Lebron James raved about Trae Young and how he should go pro as soon as possible, so the question is would the Cavaliers drafting Trae Young lead to Lebron James re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer? If you ask me yes Continue reading “Trae Young would keep Lebron James on the Cavaliers.”

Why Kevin Durant made a different move then Lebron James.

So many people talk about Lebron James playing on super-teams but look at the teams he joined. He joined a 47-35 Miami Heat team which got eliminated in the first round and a Cleveland team which was not even in the playoffs Continue reading “Why Kevin Durant made a different move then Lebron James.”

Davis: Pelicans a Finals team if Cousins healthy.

First off I’d like to say that Anthony Davis is not delusional for saying the Pelicans had a shot at the Finals this season with a healthy Demarcus Cousins. I kept up most of the year with the Pelicans and I noticed they were getting consistent production from shooting guard E’Twaun Moore and he was serving as the floor spacer the Pelicans needed to help the Pelicans become a more balanced team with a more inside-out Continue reading “Davis: Pelicans a Finals team if Cousins healthy.”

Cuban: Losing is Mavericks best option.

This could be looked at from all sort of point of views, from the Mavs fan-base who pay money to go watch the games at the arena obviously this irritates you since you have invested your own money to watch the Mavericks compete but for basketball reasons the Mavericks would be right to tank the rest of the way. I mean let’s face it the Jazz,Lakers,Clippers are all vying for the 8th spot and Continue reading “Cuban: Losing is Mavericks best option.”

Zion is the Rejuvenation the Brooklyn Nets Franchise Needs.

The Nets have a very deep roster full of young players which Kenny Atkinson is molding into productive NBA players. Some of the names are Joe Harris who has become a proficient 3 point shooter snd Spencer Dinwiddie who is Continue reading “Zion is the Rejuvenation the Brooklyn Nets Franchise Needs.”

The Golden State Warriors Are Far From Unbeatable.

Hear me out, I understand they have two superstars in Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry who have been MVP’s in the NBA and have been scoring champions but Klay Thompson and Draymmond Green are not superstars. Can Klay Thompson get hot and go off for 30-60 points any given night? Absolutely but he is not consistent on the offensive end and Draymmond Green does not scare anyone on the offensive end either. Sure Draymmond Green Continue reading “The Golden State Warriors Are Far From Unbeatable.”

Why Lebron should sign with the Phoenix Suns.

The Phoenix Suns have a ton of money and cap space to play with this coming summer and Lebron should look to sign with the Suns. Here is why, they have a young star in Devin Booker who is an Continue reading “Why Lebron should sign with the Phoenix Suns.”

Nikola Mirotic traded to the Pelicans.

The New Orleans Pelicans have agreed to a trade which will send Omer Asik,Jameer Nelson,Tony Allen,and a 2018 first round pick to Chicago in exchange for Nikola Mirotic and a second round pick. So obviously Nikola Mirotic is Continue reading “Nikola Mirotic traded to the Pelicans.”

Lebron James Joining the Golden State Warriors in Free Agency?

First of all it would be the biggest free-agent signing in NBA history but I would not be a fan of it what so ever. Lebron James,Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant on one team? The NBA would lost a lot of fans and people would not even tune into watch any longer, then again it might be fun trying to see another NBA team get together their super-team to counter that type of dynamic trio but as a long time NBA fan Continue reading “Lebron James Joining the Golden State Warriors in Free Agency?”