Kevin Durant Won’t Win a Championship in Brooklyn.

No one is talking about it and we are set to see 3 years of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in Brooklyn if they even finish the 3 years together. I was never a big fan of Continue reading “Kevin Durant Won’t Win a Championship in Brooklyn.”

Will Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson win any more rings?

I witnessed the fruition of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry and former Head Coach Mark Jackson make Draymmond Green earn a starting spot in the early 2010’s. I Continue reading “Will Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson win any more rings?”

The Warriors Era is over.

It was a fantastic 5 years for the Warriors as we got to see the greatest combination of shooting ever with Stephen Curry,Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant in the same lineup but Kevin Durant is in Brooklyn now somewhere he hopes he will feel more appreciated for his contributions. The Warriors built their team through the draft and were able to re-sign Curry
Continue reading “The Warriors Era is over.”