A Boston-Portland Swap Which Has to Happen in The 2022 Off-Season.

With the emergence of Anfernee Simons which I’ve expected for years now Damian Lillard is finding himself as the odd-man out in Portland at the moment. Anfernee Simons has been able to carry the Portland Trailblazers in Dame’s absence Continue reading “A Boston-Portland Swap Which Has to Happen in The 2022 Off-Season.”

LeBron James and Damian Lillard to the New York Knicks 2021?

Leon Rose is running the show in New York now and the Knicks have not been relevant since they last made the Finals
Continue reading “LeBron James and Damian Lillard to the New York Knicks 2021?”

NBA Predictions for the 2019-2020 Season.

So Kevin Durant is no longer on the Warriors and it is actually fair now since the NBA had absolutely no answer for them the previous 2 seasons and let’s be realistic if Kevin Durant was available all series the Golden State Warriors 3-Peat and we would not be saying Kawhi Leonard has surpassed LeBron James who has held the crown as the number 1 player in the game for a span of 8-9 years which is absolutely historical and speaks to how great of a player LeBron is. LeBron has a superstar by his side now in Anthony Davis who most would consider the best big Continue reading “NBA Predictions for the 2019-2020 Season.”

Trae Young would keep Lebron James on the Cavaliers.

Trae Young has took the NCAA by storm and has shown the ability to shoot from all over the floor and also the ability to break down defenses and finish at the rim. Lebron James raved about Trae Young and how he should go pro as soon as possible, so the question is would the Cavaliers drafting Trae Young lead to Lebron James re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer? If you ask me yes Continue reading “Trae Young would keep Lebron James on the Cavaliers.”