Giannis Antetokoumpo Should Sign With the Boston Celtics 2021.

I’m scoping the league and in my recent article I spoke about Kevin Durant
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2020 NBA Finals Predictions.

First off by no means am I a Fortune Teller but I focus enough on the NBA where I just might be correct. So judging so far in this NBA Season it’s clear Milwaukee is focused on breezing through the regular season
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The Golden State Warriors are far from unbeatable.

Hear me out, I understand they have two superstars in Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry who have been MVP’s in the NBA and have been scoring champions but Klay Thompson and Draymmond Green are not superstars. Can Klay Thompson get hot and go off for 30-60 points any given night? Absolutely but he is not consistent on the offensive end and Draymmond Green does not scare anyone on the offensive end either. Sure Draymmond Green Continue reading “The Golden State Warriors are far from unbeatable.”

Lebron to the Lakers is a business move not only for Lebron but for the NBA.

I imagine you already know where I am going with this, Kyrie is in Boston and skipped on Lebron James who will be a free-agent this coming summer. I am no Laker fan so I am not on the Lebron to the Lakers bandwagon but Lebron to the Lakers might happen for business reasons. Lebron might never catch Jordan in titles but he could do something Jordan never accomplished which is win a title with 3 different franchises, and Continue reading “Lebron to the Lakers is a business move not only for Lebron but for the NBA.”

The Pelicans must trade Anthony Davis.

Demarcus Cousins goes down with an achilles injury last night which will put him out for the rest of the season. The Pelicans were on pace to make the playoffs and even though a playoff berth is still within reach the Cousins-Davis experiment might have seen the end. Kobe Bryant suffered a similar injury and never came back the same, although Kobe was much older the big question is will Demarcus come back the same player? It’s a huge toss up Continue reading “The Pelicans must trade Anthony Davis.”