Frank Vogel has his hands full in Orlando.

Frank Vogel has been unable to find an identity for the Orlando Magic. Their young forward Aaron Gordon has blossomed into a star this season showing an improved and go to jumper and looking like a future nightmare for opposing bigs on the offensive end. Aaron Gordon is up for a Continue reading “Frank Vogel has his hands full in Orlando.”

Reggie Bullock Could be the Pistons’s Diamond in a Rough.

Reggie Bullock is a 6’7 forward who was drafted 25th overall by the Los Angeles Clippers. He never had much of a big role on the Clippers but is now in a situation in Detroit on a team searching for shooting, Reggie fits the bill. He has now scored in Continue reading “Reggie Bullock Could be the Pistons’s Diamond in a Rough.”

Russell Westbrook is on a mission.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have invested $207 million on superstar guard Russell Westbrook to bring home a championship. Russell Westbrook had a historic MVP season in which he averaged a 30 point triple double putting on full display what he was capable of with full reins to the team. Continue reading “Russell Westbrook is on a mission.”

Lebron James might be headed to the Clippers.

So Lebron buys a second mansion in Los Angeles, Jerry West is running the show on the Clippers, wasn’t Jerry West responsible for building the Kobe-Shaq Lakers during the early 2000’s, trading Vlade Divac for Kobe Bryant and signing free-agent Shaquille O’Neal? Jerry West was brought to the Clippers to build a winner and bringing in Lebron James would be a really good way to get that winner started. Continue reading “Lebron James might be headed to the Clippers.”

Lonzo Ball Must Become His Own Man to Succeed in The NBA.

I examine Lonzo Ball and I see a very humble kid who has an immense future ahead of him. Kyrie Irving before the season started said Lonzo Ball needed to be his own man and get from under his father’s wings and fly away much like he did with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Continue reading “Lonzo Ball Must Become His Own Man to Succeed in The NBA.”

Joel Embiid has the type of ceiling to take over the NBA.

I’ve never seen anything like Embiid, he has Shaq like force in the paint and the skill-set of a prime Kevin Garnett. He can pivot, pump fake at the 3 point line and maneuver his way to the rim for lay in or emphatic slam. Continue reading “Joel Embiid has the type of ceiling to take over the NBA.”

Should the Pelicans consider moving Demarcus Cousins?

Dell Demps is trying something different in this current small-ball era which is to build around 2 superstar bigs who can do it all offensively. Demarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis seemed to have really good chemistry but Demarcus Cousins is also a free agent this coming summer. Continue reading “Should the Pelicans consider moving Demarcus Cousins?”

After years of misery the Los Angeles Lakers are finally on their way to the top.

Most Lakers fans derive from the legend shooting-guard Kobe Bryant who is now retired after a stellar career in which he made a living from proving his doubters wrong. They said he couldn’t win without former superstar center Shaquille O’Neal so Kobe Bryant got tired of being a side-kick to Shaquille O’Neal Continue reading “After years of misery the Los Angeles Lakers are finally on their way to the top.”