Malik Monk is the sniper no one sees coming next season.

So I’ve been watching Malik Monk since Kentucky and is it just me but does he look like the next elite 3 point shooter in the game. At Kentucky I saw him clutch jumper after clutch jumper and get in a shooting rhythm which reminded me of Curry’s and Kobe’s. Not saying he’ll ever reach any of those two legend’s ceilings but make no mistake about it he will be an all-star at least once or twice in his career.

His rookie season was subpar but more because former Continue reading “Malik Monk is the sniper no one sees coming next season.”


Will Kyrie Irving be a Celtic long-term?

So the Celtics clearly lacked a closer Game 7 against the Cavs, maybe if Kyrie was available the whole series the Cavs don’t even make the Finals but it wasn’t the case so let’s move on. Does anyone notice Kyrie Irving only has 1 year left on his contract and the Celtics were a game away from making the NBA Finals without him? Rozier knows his place and even said he has no problem taking a backseat to Kyrie next season but would it shock anyone if Kyrie gets traded this summer or by the trade deadline next season?

Danny already saw it wasn’t worth re-signing Isaiah Thomas, he dodged Continue reading “Will Kyrie Irving be a Celtic long-term?”

Cleveland must find a way to bring Westbrook to the Land.

Why should Lebron have to leave? He wants to play more off the ball for the remainder of his career so why not find some way to get a third team involved to pair Lebron with Westbrook? Westbrook could run the point and alleviate Lebron’s playmaking duties so he could conserve more energy to score more and play more defense. Westbrook has been racking up stats like no other superstar in the history of basketball but he has yet to win, so why not pair him with a 3 time champion and arguably the greatest player ever Lebron James?

Westbrook has this reputation about being all about his stats but realistically I just think he wants to win that bad and Lebron and Westbrook’s personalities certainly bounce off each other. They are both alphas on the court, only one is more pass first at heart and score Continue reading “Cleveland must find a way to bring Westbrook to the Land.”

A Westbrook-Melo combo might be better for OKC next season then the Big 3 experiment.

The Thunder find themselves down 3-1 to the Utah Jazz and Westbrook is taking a ton of criticism for not being able to carry this team past a Utah Jazz team which is being anchored by a rookie in Donovan Mitchell who has Continue reading “A Westbrook-Melo combo might be better for OKC next season then the Big 3 experiment.”

Be patient Knicks fans, Frank Ntilikina is the answer.

The Knicks finished what was another losing season, Jeff Hornacek ended up getting fired and their franchise player Kristaps Porzingis went down with an ACL injury to put playoff Continue reading “Be patient Knicks fans, Frank Ntilikina is the answer.”

The Memphis Grizzlies must re-tool not rebuild.

So this season was lost by the Grizzlies, Conley went down early and it was downhill from there. Gasol expressed his frustration about the talent the Grizzlies were putting out Continue reading “The Memphis Grizzlies must re-tool not rebuild.”

Justice Winslow and Bam Adebayo are the foundation of the Miami Heat.

The Miami Heat are locked in for the playoffs this season but anything they accomplish in the postseason would be a surprise because no one expects them to do much but at best make the second round. No one expects Continue reading “Justice Winslow and Bam Adebayo are the foundation of the Miami Heat.”