Where does Anthony Edwards fit in best?

So I am looking at the 2020 NBA Mock Draft and I see the Warriors,Hawks,and Knicks stand at the top of the Draft Boards. I am trying to make sense of where Anthony Edwards will fit in with the Warriors,Hawks,or Knicks being that each respective team already has a Shooting Guard
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Could Buddy Hield be the answer for Minnesota?

Watching the Timberwolves this season it is evident they lack a 3rd star behind Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Andrew Wiggins is playing a lot more stress free this season with Jimmy Butler and Tom Thibodeau no longer around barking down his neck about his lack
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Will Giannis Antetokoumpo leave the Bucks?

The rumors will be heard from now until Milwaukee wraps up an extension with Giannis. As of right now he is steamrolling the Eastern Conference and I have been absolutely shocked by how good the Bucks have been this season. They stand at the top of the Eastern Conference and most would
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Was Jimmy Butler right about Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns?

I reckon back to the short stint of Jimmy Butler on the Timberwolves and how his arrival lifted the Timberwolves to their first playoff berth since the Kevin Garnett era. I have been watching basketball since 1997-1998 and till this day no one had a legacy like Kevin Garnett did in Minnesota
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Is Alvin Gentry the right coach for the Pelicans?

I still remember Alvin Gentry coaching the Phoenix Suns and he got them in the playoffs with Steve Nash spear heading the Suns, the only difference now is he does not have his full Continue reading “Is Alvin Gentry the right coach for the Pelicans?”