NBA Predictions for the 2019-2020 Season.

So Kevin Durant is no longer on the Warriors and it is actually fair now since the NBA had absolutely no answer for them the previous 2 seasons and let’s be realistic if Kevin Durant was available all series the Golden State Warriors 3-Peat and we would not be saying Kawhi Leonard has surpassed LeBron James who has held the crown as the number 1 player in the game for a span of 8-9 years which is absolutely historical and speaks to how great of a player LeBron is. LeBron has a superstar by his side now in Anthony Davis who most would consider the best big Continue reading “NBA Predictions for the 2019-2020 Season.”


Don’t conform to this world and live the life you want.

Don’t get it twisted I am far from perfect, I am 30 years old born 1989 and have my own life to live but when you write down your goals and stick to them you can not let the noise get in the way. It’s hard to be yourself in a society which tries to make you into something you are not, you have to be extroverted at a job you hate or filter yourself in places you do not want to be but you are there why and for what for money? Money keeps people in a routine for over 30-40 years of their life living on a fixed income instead of taking risks and looking outside the system Continue reading “Don’t conform to this world and live the life you want.”

Chris Paul to the Milwaukee Bucks with Khris Middleton going to the OKC Thunder?

So LeBron,Kawhi,Curry,Durant, and Harden all have a superstar to play with but Giannis who has thrust himself into the conversation for best player in the league has to win a championship over the next 2 years with Khris Middleton? By no means am I taking any shots at Khris Middleton but Chris Paul deserves a shot at a championship and what better way to do it than to win it with the MVP of the NBA who your former teammate James Harden could not win a championship with Continue reading “Chris Paul to the Milwaukee Bucks with Khris Middleton going to the OKC Thunder?”

The Golden State Warriors can still be 2019-2020 NBA Champions.

So much was made of Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors years ago and I still recall when he chose to come on over, can you blame the Warriors for opting to sign Kevin Durant over Harrison Barnes? No disrespect to Harrison Barnes who in my opinion is one of the most versatile scorers in the NBA and a high character player who carries himself like a professional but it is Kevin Durant who they chose, arguably the most lethal scorer the NBA has ever seen in it’s 74 year existence.

Kevin Durant did what we all expected from LeBron James in Miami and made the Warriors the dominant super-team the NBA was seeking, had Kevin Durant been available for the 2019 NBA Finals and the Warriors likely win the Finals in 6 but they would have completed Continue reading “The Golden State Warriors can still be 2019-2020 NBA Champions.”

The Washington Wizards must trade Bradley Beal.

Bradley Beal has been healthy the past 2 seasons playing all 82 games and is coming off a season in which he averaged a career high 25 ppg. When I look at the Washington Wizards’ situation with not only Bradley Beal but John Wall who is expected to miss the entire coming season it reminds me of Sam Presti and how he had to rebuild and trade Russell Westbrook and Paul George Continue reading “The Washington Wizards must trade Bradley Beal.”