A 3-Team Trade Which Could Make a Difference This Coming NBA Season.

So it is obvious the Clippers need a point guard after blowing a 3-1 lead in these past playoffs, it was obvious how much Kawhi Leonard missed Kyle Lowry’s ability to break down defenses and create opportunities for others. Kawhi Leonard had to shoulder a lot of the play-making duties due to Patrick Beverley and Paul George’s average abilities as floor generals and that ultimately hampered the Clippers against a Nuggets’s defense which figured them out on the offensive end. A trade between the Warriors,Clippers,and Raptors would send Kyle Lowry to the Los Angeles Clippers, The Toronto Raptors will receive Toronto native Andrew Wiggins,Lou Williams,Rodney McGruder,and Joakim Noah, and the Golden State Warriors will add depth to their roster by acquiring Patrick Beverley,Norman Powell,Ivica Zubac,Patrick McCaw, and Reggie Jackson. I think this trade would make sense for all 3 teams let me explain.

To start off let’s talk about the Toronto Raptors who extended Pascal Siakam not too long ago, they gave him a 4-year extension worth $130 million dollars which is a bit of a overpay but Pascal Siakam played up to his contract he just did not prove he could be that main scoring option due to his lack of a perimeter game. He is a respectable shooter but why not swing a trade for Andrew Wiggins who I’ve always felt belonged in a Toronto Raptor jersey? Maybe a homecoming will unleash Andrew Wiggins and after all nothing beats playing for your hometown, up until now he has not lived up to #1 overall pick expectations but he has proven he can go off for 30-40 points any given night maybe he just needs to be in a different system with a coach like Nick Nurse who can maximize his potential on defense and offense.

In the bubble the Raptors lacked a go to scoring option beyond Pascal Siakam, no disrespect to Kyle Lowry but he should not be tasked with being a second option on a championship team at this point in his career. And I love Fred VanVleet but he isn’t someone you want carrying you offensively on a nightly basis, Andrew Wiggins is very capable of filling in as that number 1 scoring option allowing Pascal Siakam to fall back into the sidekick role he played alongside Kawhi Leonard last season in which he flourished.

There is uncertainty within the Raptors organization, they have pipe dreams of bringing in Giannis Antetokoumpo to Toronto due to Giannis’s ties with Masai Ujiri but I wouldn’t bank on it happening. I’ve seen what Nick Nurse has been able to do with the Raptors over the past 2 seasons and I believe he could make Andrew Wiggins into an all-star. He has all the tools to become a perennial all-star and he is only 25 years of age, he has the size,athleticism,wing-span,and guard skill-set to be at the very worst a poor man’s Kobe Bryant which is far from bad. I do not see why Andrew Wiggins can’t average 26-27 points per game and make the all-star team next season if he is on the Raptors with Nick Nurse as his coach.

Having a duo of Andrew Wiggins and Pascal Siakam coached by Nick Nurse would be intriguing, both big wings capable of guarding 3 to 4 positions on the court and capable of scoring in a multitude of ways on fast breaks,post-ups in a half-court set, and they’ll be able to play passing lanes with their exceptional wing-spans. Andrew Wiggins could just settle behind Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, I just think he would be able to carve out a legacy in Toronto a lot like Vince Carter did in the early 2000’s. Lou Williams would also come over to the Raptors and provide a scoring punch off the bench, I think his time in LA is up and don’t believe he fits in with the restructuring of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Which brings me to the Clippers who would acquire Kyle Lowry. Toronto fans have grown fond of Kyle Lowry and you could make the case he is the best Raptor of all-time although I still think that crown belongs to Air Canada Vince Carter but it’s time to move on. Kyle Lowry got his championship with the Raptors 2019 and it felt a lot like when Paul Pierce finally got his 2008 after so many years of losing in the Eastern Conference. With the Clippers acquiring Kyle Lowry I think the Clippers will be taken more seriously as a threat for the title next season because after losing a 3-1 lead to the Nuggets in the bubble there isn’t too much optimism about their chances of winning it all next season.

Paul George has become a laughing stock due to how horribly he shot in Game 7 but Kawhi Leonard is the franchise player so he should shoulder the blame as he was horrible himself only scoring 14 points in Game 7 on low efficiency against the Nuggets. Lowry’s impact in the Finals last season went understated, he picked up the slack when Kawhi struggled through spurts in the Finals last season against the Warriors and allowed for Kawhi to focus on defense and scoring strictly which are his strengths. Kyle Lowry is a quarterback on the court, he will allow for George and Kawhi to focus on what they do best which is scoring and defending. With new coach Tyronn Lue at the helm, the Clippers must acquire a pure point guard which Patrick Beverley is not.

As for the Golden State Warriors I think what has made them so potent over the past 5-6 years is their depth. Sure when you plug arguably the best scorer in NBA history to your lineup in Kevin Durant to go with arguably the 2 best shooters of all-time in Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry you won’t need to put much around those 3 to shoot teams out of the gym but Kevin Durant is no longer on the Warriors which means the Warriors need to add veterans and depth to their lineup once again. Beyond Steph,Klay,and Draymmond the Warriors have a very young roster. If they have title aspirations they must acquire players who will be able to contribute in the playoffs and contribute, Patrick Beverley and Norman Powell have plenty of playoff experience. The Warriors would receive Ivica Zubac who will be the most skilled center they’ve had since Andrew Bogut.

Not sure what the Warriors plans are with the second overall pick but acquiring a center who can score around the basket and score off passes from Curry and Green. He is a 7 footer who can pass out of the post and allow the Warriors to play a inside out game, the Warriors have never had a big who can score over 15 points a night consistenly I think Zubac would be able to score with ease because Green,Klay,and Curry will pull the defense out to the perimeter and free up the paint for Zubac. Beverley likely comes off the bench which is where he belongs, I respect his grittiness and competitive drive but you need play-makers on the floor if Beverley is going to be starting on your team. Beverley would give the Warriors a reliable shooter on the floor who could pick up dynamic guards like Lillard,Kyrie,Paul,and Westbrook when needed.

I love Norman Powell’s game but at this point I’m sold he is best suited as a 6th man which is exactly what the Warriors lack at the moment. Norman Powell will give the Warriors a jolt of athleticism and gives the Warriors a extra shot-creator and possible third option going into next season. The additions of Beverley,Powell,and Zubac won’t scare anyone into believing the Warriors will win it all but I’ve always prioritized building the best possible team and so long the Warriors have Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry out there you can’t fall asleep throughout a 7-game series against them. To conclude this trade I feel will give the Warriors and Clippers a better shot at the title next season,as for the Raptors a title would be unlikely but I still believe in Andrew Wiggins and feel he could become the face of the franchise for the Raptors over the next 5-6 years, till next time.


Author: D-NBA

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