Emoni Bates Could Challenge Michael Jordan for the Throne.

Hello everyone so the NBA is still in a hiatus but I’ve been watchin a lot of Michael Jordan lately, the 6 game-series against

Barkley’s Suns, and Drexler’s Blazers. Michael Jordan was the greatest species to enter the NBA to say the least, the moment he figured the game out he never lost. We can say Hakeem’s Rockets would have probably beat them because Jordan had a mental breakdown with the death of his father and Michael was at a point in his career where the fame and the media was driving him insane that he wanted to get away. I don’t blame him we all as human beings need personal space sometimes and Jordan has never been known to be a camera friendly person. On to LeBron James who grew up with a single mother and has accomplished everything asked of him coming into the NBA has a high-schooler and taking the league by storm by leading arguably the worst supporting cast of all-time to the NBA Finals 2007 at the age of 22. LeBron James was proclaimed the “Chosen One” and he chose to don the number 23 worn by Michael Jordan his whole career. Iverson wanted to be like Mike,Kobe wanted to be like Mike, and LeBron has wanted to be like Mike as well.

I love LeBron, he’s the most freakish athlete I have ever seen in the NBA and yes that includes Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain but what separates Michael Jordan and LeBron James is the will to win and I’ve seen that lacking in LeBron in just about every NBA finals loss he has had and yes that include 2007, every game was close and I’ll end it at that. So now on to Emoni Bates who is a 16 year old who just registered 63 points and 21 rebounds not too long ago and yes I understand he is doing this against smaller kids but the kid is 6’8 and 200 pounds already. I’ll spend the rest of this post explaining to you why I believe Emoni Bates might be the real Chosen One. Emoni Bates already possesses a killer instinct and the kid is obsessed with being great, that type of mentality will already give him an edge coming into the NBA. Coming into the NBA with an edge from Day 1 will give Emoni Bates a head-start over Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Michael Jordan was a second-option behind James Worthy in college and spent 3 years at North Carolina. LeBron James came into the league 3 years younger did not grow up mentally until he made his move to Miami where Wade and Riley aided him with learning how to become a winner.

Emoni Bates has said Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson are his 2 favorite players and I don’t blame him when we talk about competitors Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson are top 5 all-time when it comes to that and right behind Michael Jordan. No one competed like Michael but Kobe and Iverson left it all on the floor every single night and never quit. For Emoni Bates the score is 0-0 every time and that tells me he will be an elite scorer and will likely win sooner than Michael Jordan and LeBron James did who took 7-8 years to capture their first ring. I am not sure what franchise will draft Emoni Bates but hopefully it is a franchise with a good culture where Emoni Bates could be their player to take them to the top. I am no guru but we have been seeking for the next Michael Jordan for sometime now, first they thought it would be Vince Carter,than Kobe,than Wade,than LeBron, I’ll give Kawhi  a chance as dethroning MIke if he can stay healthy for the next 7-8 years and play at an elite level but I got my money on Emoni Bates. I love Zion Williamson,Luka Doncic,and Giannis Antetokoumpo 3 of the candidates who could morph into the the face of the league soon but Emoni Bates has Michael Jordan in him.

I believe Emoni Bates will average upwards of 5-6 assists per game in his career but I see him being a player who will average 30-35 ppg consistently in his prime and could possibly win 6-7 NBA Titles in his career. Again it all depends the team that drafts him, LeBron James never got a supporting cast to win titles with in Cleveland and he could never get anyone to come over and play with him so he wasted 7 years of his career collecting 2 MVP’s and sharing the spotlight with Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant watching them collect 3 NBA titles while Dan Gilbert refused to move JJ Hickson for Amare Stodemire. Kobe Bryant was able to get nurtured playing behind veterans like Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones and of course Shaquille O’Neal came over to LA paving Kobe’s way to titles instantly. Emoni Bates projects to go number 1 in the 2022 NBA Draft at the moment and I’m not sure which team will draft him but hopefully he could be drafted by a team where he can pair with another young piece with superstar potential like himself. Everyone compares him to Kevin Durant but I think he will be further ahead mentally than Kevin Durant and won’t spend 9 years without winning a title.

I saw Kevin Durant fold against the Grizzlies in the second round,I saw him choke a 3-1 lead to the Golden State Warriors and have the body language of a quitter in Game 6 in OKC. I don’t think we will see any folding from Emoni Bates like we’ve seen from Kevin Durant and LeBron James, Emoni Bates will compete all 4 quarters and want the last shot every single night if the game is close. I saw a game where Emoni Bates relentlessly attacked the defense and buried them jumper after jumper. Pull up 3’s from NBA range,turn-around fadeaways, drive and kick-outs, and exceptional ball control. He looks so fluid on drives to the basket and I never got the feeling he would lose control of the basketball even if an extra defender came over. I watched enough games of him to tell you he knows how to break double teams and will attack the rim with no regard for human life as said by famous announcer Kevin Harlan. He’s got elevation and dunks the ball with ferocity, does he have Zion Williamson like power I don’t think so but he is far more skilled on the perimeter than Zion Williamson and has a refined skill-set to come into the NBA and average over 20 ppg his very first season. LeBron came into the league averaging only 20 ppg and has never had a scorer’s  mentality, LeBron has the mentality of looking to do much more than just score which is great but he lacks confidence in his perimeter shooting at times and I don’t see that being the case with Emoni.

Basketball is about much more than scoring and you should always seek to become the best all-around player possible but some players are just not meant to be number 1 options. For example Scottie Pippen enjoyed leading the Bulls to 55 wins in Jordan’s absence but when he saw just how hard it really was to carry a franchise on your shoulders be responsible for scoring the ball consistently he lifted his leg up and asked Michael to come back. Emoni Bates is a scorer, he will shoot first and pass later just like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan did through their careers. As long as you are scoring and your team is getting stops on defense you will have a very high probability of winning the game. Being a leader is  about mentally getting the whole team on the same page as you and that is advice Michael Jordan gave to Kobe Bryant after the Celtics defeated Kobe in the 2008 NBA Finals. Emoni Bates will likely be a 18-19 year old coming into the NBA and I believe even if he gets drafted to a team with established stars he will lead by example by scoring the ball at high clips which will leave his teammates with no choice but to just get him the basketball. Some people are just gifted with certain talents and I think Emoni Bates was gifted with the opportunity to become a Mount Rushmore player someday.

To conclude comparing players takes the joy out of the game sometimes, Michael Jordan set the bar so high that it’s practically unfair for anyone to ever surpass him because of the way his legacy went. The man won 3 championships in a row retired and came back and won 3 more championships, not to mention he never lost on the biggest stage and was awarded all 6 Finals MVP’s. For Emoni Bates I believe it’s possible he can win 5-7 MVP’s,6-7 NBA titles, multiple scoring titles, and a ton of All-NBA 1st Team selections but again it will all depend on what team he gets drafted to and how soon he can compete for titles. Originally a top 5-pick with less than 3 years in the NBA should not be able to do much, I saw Magic win a title his first season,I saw Kobe win 3 straight titles in his early 20’s, and I also saw LeBron lead the Cavaliers to the Finals at 22 so anything is possible as long as you can foresee what is ahead of you and I think Emoni Bates has that vision. Emoni Bates’s number 1 goal at the age of 15 was to become the greatest ever, most 15 year olds boys don’t have goals of that magnitude but Emoni Bates has that goal because he knows he has the capability to become that someday. Hopefully I persuaded you to start following him, till next time.

Author: Dionis Beato

Hello everyone my name is Dionis, been a Sports fan since I was a kid growing up in the 90's. My blog is all a reflection of self-expression which I translate into words, I hope you enjoy my content and don't forget to check out the Youtube Channel at D-NBA.

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