Should the Washington Wizards sign Demarcus Cousins?

Years ago I always dreamed of watching John Wall and Demarcus Cousins team up eventually on the Washington Wizards and I never got

my wish but maybe it’s possible whenever free-agency hits. Demarcus Cousins will be 29 in August and likely will never be the physical and powerful center he once was putting up prime Shaquille O’Neal like stats but he could help the Washington Wixards and serve as a mentor for young center Thomas Bryant who signed a 3-year deal last summer. Cousins was always a first option on the Kings and was a co-star alongside Anthony Davis in New Orleans, his short tenure on the Warriors didn’t go as expected as he dealt with injuries all season and played more of a bench role in the 2019 NBA Playoffs. Due to injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson Demarcus Cousins was unable to win a championship in Golden State.

Moving on to the Washington Wizards Bradley Beal signed an extension with the Wizards and has been carrying the team all season in John Wall’s absence. They currently sit outside the Top 8 in the Eastern Conference and have a chance to make a run at the 8th seed but what would be the point? Face Milwaukee in the first round and get romped or gear up for next season? I’m sure Bradley Beal signed an extension with the Washington Wizards because he wanted to play with John Wall fully aware that he would not be able to play with him this season. Going into next season the Wizards will have one of the best back-courts in the game if not the best back-court in the game if you don’t consider Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson better. I think Bradley Beal has done an exceptional job of carrying the Washington Wizards all season considering the talent he has around him but it’s all about going all in for next season.

The Washington Wizards are in the Eastern Conference so going into next season they must be aware that Kevin Durant will make his return alongside Kyrie Irving which should make for one of the best duos in the NBA next season. So if the Wizards want to compete in the East next season they must add a third piece behind John Wall and Bradley Beal. I love Rui Hachimura’s game, the kid is young and has been thrust into the fire by Scott Brooks early on and has produced double digit scoring pretty much every game he has played in. John Wall who has not played all season has taken the young kid under the wing and helped aid in his development. Going back to Demarcus Cousins and yes I am aware the Wizards re-signed Thomas Bryant who has been starting at the center position for the Wizards all season. I’m not sure what Tommy Sheppard sold Bradley Beal on by staying with the Wizards but I’m sure Rui Hachimura had something to do with it.

Bringing in Demarcus Cousins who at this point in his career I believe will never be the player he once was putting up 40 point 20 rebound games, he never carried the Kings to the playoffs and his short tenure with Anthony Davis in New Orleans went sour after he felt the Pelicans low balled him and took the league for a spin by signing a 5 million dollar deal with the Warriors for 1 year. I think he could be the 3rd or 4th option on the Wizards and even start if he is physically and mentally ready to get back on the court next season. There is no rush for Demarcus, I haven’t watched an NBA game in over a week and have been just fine. Demarcus won’t cost the Wizards much, they can offer him a 2-3 deal in the neighborhood of 50-60 million and make a run at a Title. The big question is what is Cousins’s value on the market at the moment? With NBA offenses requiring more athleticism and 3 point shooting, those are two areas of Cousins’s game that are not elite. He has never been a great athlete and I would say a good shooter not great so I think 50-60 million is good for Cousins.

To conclude I think its fascinating how the Wizards have been able keep John Wall and Bradley Beal around for so long, I was a huge John Wall prior to him even coming into the NBA. His ability to quarterback an offense a lot like Chris Paul is absolutely marvelous, I believe he is the most complete point guard in the game behind Chris Paul and if he is ready to go for next season I think John Wall could lead the Wizards to a Championship next season. Signing Demarcus Cousins would make it even more of a possibility in my opinion, with a starting role and assuming he stays healthy all of next season I believe he could average 17-21 ppg with 9-11 rpg and 2-3 apg on 55 percent field goal shooting on the Washington Wizards and make them a Top 3 seed in the Eastern Conference next season. With a second year of Rui Hachimura and how much better he will be and a re-signed Davis Bertans, I know how great of a basketball player John Wall is and with Beal,Hachimura,Cousins,and Bertans I think Wall could bring a Title to DC in what would be a magnificent story for the NBA.



Author: D-NBA

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