Kevin McHale Would turn Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid into NBA Champions.

Hope everyone is well as we look to get past the Coronavirus which has stripped me of the game I love but I was curious

what happens with the Sixers if the fail to win a Title whenever it is that the Season will resume which is said to be at the earliest June which is a good 3 months away. Ben Simmons is one of my favorite players and has become an elite defender right before my eyes and it’s been great to see his resurgence. I have been keeping up with the Sixers quite a bit this season, their trade deadline acquisitions Glenn Robinson and Alec Burks have been productive but I don’t think those two put the Sixers over the top. I’m not buying into the Sixers winning it all this season and sometimes you just have to cut the cord on what is not working. All season long I’ve heard people say the Sixers need to choose to build around Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons. Jimmy Butler alluded to how he never knew who was in charge there and I felt the same way about the team in last year’s playoffs, I just knew there was no way Jimmy Butler would re-sign with the Sixers.

Sometimes I kind of predict certain things and I believe one of Ben Simmons,Joel Embiid,or Brett Brown will be gone this summer. I believe Brett Brown will be fired, ever since he spoke about how he wanted Ben Simmons to get at least 1 3-point attempt up Ben Simmons has not attempted 1 3-pointer since his comment. Which leads me to think Brett Brown will be getting the same treatment Kenny Atkinson did from the Nets. Maybe Brett Brown is not cut out to coach two big egos like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons being more reserved and Joel Embiid more extroverted their personalities clash, I’ve heard Joel Embiid talk about how difficult it is for him down low in the paint since the Sixers are void of floor spacing with Ben Simmons refusing to shoot the ball. Mind you Ben Simmons is one of my favorite players behind LeBron James, if anyone is the next LeBron James it’s Ben Simmons not Zion Williamson. Ben Simmons has the ability to overwhelm defenses with his speed,athleticism,and quickness with the ball in his hands. That is something Stephen Curry can not do because he does not have a Ben Simmons like physique.

This team needs a new voice, I sit back and think if the Sixers were to move Ben Simmons were would he fit in best? I thought of swapping him for Damian Lillard but I think Portland will want to give it a shot next season with a healthy Jusuf Nurkic before trading Damian Lillard. There is no place he can go where the Sixers would get equal value for this kid, say what you want about his refusal to shoot the basketball but if you enjoy watching basketball like I do I appreciate everything a basketball player does on the floor from setting screens,to rebounding,setting up teammates for easier shots,making hustle plays and those are all things Ben Simmons brings to the table. He scores the basketball and has scored over 30 points several times this season just not in the manner everyone would want him to. Now who would want to coach the Sixers? I would shoot Kevin McHale a call, he did a phenomenal job coaching James Harden and Dwight Howard in Houston I think he would be exceptional with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Kevin McHale was a hall-of-fame big man and former NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics, I’m sure he could dig in to Joel Embiid better than Brett Brown could and maybe he’ll encourage Ben Simmons to shoot the ball when he’s open.

The Sixers gave Al Horford $109 million dollars, I’ve heard about him getting moved over the summer which I think is ridiculous. He signed with the Sixers because he wanted to play with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. I recall reading this magazine which had the Sixers winning Titles over the next few years and I agree I think the Sixers will win a Championship eventually just not this season. Kevin McHale was one of the best passing bigs of all-time, Al Horford is already a better passer than Joel Embiid and a more unselfish player on the court. Watching Joel Embiid a lot of times I feel like he forces the issue a bit too much, when he gets the ball on the low block he holds the ball for way too long and shoots heavily contested fadeaway jumpers which are cringy. I know Joel Embiid can knock down 3’s but trying to turn the guy into the next Dirk Nowitzki is a horrible idea. Charles Barkley said it himself, Joel Embiid should be pounding opposing 4’s and 5’s in the post and overpowering them with his size and elite footwork. I can’t think of a big man in the league right now with better footwork on the low-block than Joel Embiid, the problem is Brett Brown is not utilizing Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid effectively, I am no NBA Coach but the Sixers need a more pass heavy offense.

To conclude I understand come playoff time the further you advance in the playoffs the tougher the defense gets and you need players who can operate in isolation and score consistently, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons can do that. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are two juggernauts on the court, they can both overpower defenders and impose their will on a game a lot like LeBron James and Anthony Davis will do once the season resumes but they need the right coach. I think Kevin McHale could make Joel Embiid a better play-maker out of the post and keep him from standing at the top of the arc waiting for a Ben Simmons rifle pass. I don’t even think Ben Simmons needs to shoot the ball to win a Championship. He brings so much to the table that as long as Ben Simmons,Joel Embiid,and Al Horford put their egos to the side to win multiple championships could be won. I didn’t mention Tobias Harris this whole article because he is what he is, I haven’t heard any rumors about him being disgruntled so that is why I left him off this article. Give me your thoughts on what you believe the Sixers should do going forward, till next time.


Author: D-NBA

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