How to wear cologne.

I’ve seen a ton of different ways you can wear cologne, from wearing it on your clothes to your head the opinions vary

but coming from someone who loves fragrances I’ll give you tips on how you can make your cologne or perfume last longer and not be overpowering. You want your cologne to give people around you hints of your scent not let it overwhelm them and have your scent be offensive to others.

They always say apply to your pulse points and I completely agree. If you can get your hands on some unscented lotion or even some coconut oil and rub if all over your neck it will be a major plus. Rub the lotion or coconut oil all over your neck from the back,front, and the sides. Next you spray cologne on the front and back of your neck and also underneath your ears. I like to smell the scent so I spray someone on my wrists and please do not rub.

Most people say don’t spray your clothing but you can spray your cloth but hold the bottle at least 4-5 inches from your body and you should be fine. To conclude always remember to put on lotion on your neck and wrists before applying to these spots and you’ll be good for a whole day.j

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