Smile, it will change your life.

Don’t worry about seeming creepy because you smile. A smile is an emotional hug for others and don’t worry if you look phony with a big smile on your face, who cares? Smiling can be a habit and will uplift

throughout your day and will lead to more positive interactions with others so give it a try, smile even when you don’t feel like it.

Through smiles you express warmth to others and that you acknowledge their presence. Smile at a kid or one of your own kids and watch them smile right back. I would recommend you don’t show your teeth because it just looks way too exaggerated but grin, lift your face muscles upward and you can move your eyebrows up which will only add on to your beautiful smile. Not every moment or situation calls for a smile, you don’t want to smile at a funeral honestly or a business meeting where your boss is fuming.

Do greet everyone you come across with a smile, it psychologically let’s them know that you are an open and kind person. And although some of us don’t want our kindness to be taken for weakness, you become weaker when you combat negativity with negativity. Have respect for yourself and others will as well.

If you smile at someone and they don’t smile back, screw them and just keep smiling. Just because they didn’t smile back doesn’t mean others won’t, introverted people don’t smile. Smiling and laughing are actions extroverted people take, by no means am I discriminating against introverted people but if you work in customer service the number 1 tool you should use is a smile.

To conclude you can take my advice and I guarantee you it will change your life but like anything else in life it takes consistency and eventually it becomes one of your normal habits, a very positive one.

Author: D-NBA

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