How good can LaMelo Ball be at the NBA level?

LaMelo Ball will more than likely be a top 5 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. But the real question is how good can he actually be?

He has grown to be 6’8 and had an insane growth spurt over the past 2-3 years and has all the ability to become one of the best scoring guards in the NBA.

Watching him play in the Drew League I was very impressed by his fearlessness coming up the floor and shooting the ball with no hesitation. Getting to the basket his cross over is not very quick and he must get stronger to throw his body around a bit more and not get pushed around when he drives. He has all the ability to become a 27-28 ppg scorer in his prime maybe even higher if he focuses on getting stronger and becoming a much more efficient 3 point shooter.

LaMelo Ball should keep to become a 38-44 percent 3 point shooter and putting on 15-20 pounds to his frame and we might just have something special on our hands with LaMelo. The teams that will be in the running for LaMelo’s services do not really have a need for a player at his position aside from the Phoenix Suns who are giving Rubio a shot at the point.

What would LaMelo Ball look like at the point guard position alongside an elite scorer in Devin Booker and what should be a top 5 center in DeAndre Ayton? Let’s not forget Bridges,Kelly,Saric,and Cam Johnson. Or maybe the Knicks reek this coming season and move on from Dennis and Elfryd at point?

To conclude anything is possible from now until next June. The Knicks and Suns might make the playoffs and not be in contention for LaMelo Ball but I see a great player in this kid. He’s got that herky-jerky type of movement on the basketball court and plays the game fundamentally sound, just needs to steer away from over dribbling the basketball. I did not mention how willing a passer he is and he is practically a combo-guard who can play the 1,2 and even the 3 through out games due to his 6’8 frame. I can’t wait to see where he ends up, what separates him from his brother Lonzo is his ability to shake defenders with ease and get get himself open for jumper.

Lonzo Ball seems to struggle with breaking down defenders, his cross over move isn’t as effective and looks robotic compared to LaMelo’s smooth street ball like dribble moves. Boy I can’t wait to see him in the NBA.

Author: D-NBA

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