The Pelicans Should do Everything Possible to Acquire Jayson Tatum.

If Danny Ainge wants to keep Kyrie Irving in Boston a likely scenario is Kyrie waits until Danny Ainge makes a trade proposal to Dell Demps centered around up and coming star

Jayson Tatum. There have been rumors about Kyrie Irving possibly joining Kevin Durant on the New York Knicks, both joining what could be the best player we’ve seen since LeBron James came into the league 2003. Zion Williamson alongside two established superstars the caliber of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant makes for a run at multiple titles for the New York Knicks.

Back to Jayson Tatum who enjoyed a breakout in the 2018 NBA Playoffs as he was the leader for the Celtics who were without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward their 2 best players going into last season. There have been questions about Tatum’s fit with Irving since they both need the ball to be effective and it could be a problem heading into this year’s playoffs. The Celtics have one of the most versatile offenses in the league and are pretty well coached on defense and can get stops when needed.

For the Celtics to win the title this season it would require prized free-agent Gordon Hayward to live up to his 4 year deal and there have been doubts about it happening this season. Not to mention the Toronto Raptors look like the favorites out East after acquiring Marc Gasol so will only make their defense even better. Milwaukee I think will be very reliant on Giannis Antetokoumpo, he does have plenty of shooters around him I just think they lack someone who could be a consistent shot-maker and Giannis lacks a consistent jumper.

Going back to the Pelicans Dell Demps need to get his hands on Tatum, he could breakout into an all-star with an offense built around him in New Orleans. Just put the ball in his hands and let him take you to the top, the Pelicans still have Jrue Holiday under contract and Julius Randle who Dell Demps robbed from the Lakers. I think Jayson Tatum could become a 25 ppg scorer on the Pelicans and being that he has a Kobe Bryant like approach to the game I think he will make the Pelicans a contender just off how great he will be.

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