The Knicks should go all in for Kemba Walker.

The Knicks sit at 18-21 at the moment as their second leading scorer Tim Hardaway Jr is out with a leg injury. He hopes to come back sometime before February ends but the

Knicks must do everything possible to make the playoffs and not risk losing Kristaps Porzingis when he becomes a free-agent.

Porzingis has broke through into an all-star and possible superstar if he keeps his play going and can lead the Knicks into the playoffs but he needs help. Sessions and Jack have served as serviceable guards while Frank develops and makes mistakes. I am not saying give up Frank but why not push for Kemba Walker?

Kemba Walker is not elite but he is a perfect piece to put alongside Porzingis and Hardaway Jr to help catapult the Knicks into a contender. Frank is solid but his offensive game needs a ton of work and the Knicks do not have time to wait on Frank to develop when Porzingis is due for another extension soon. The Knicks must find a way to show Porzingis they are serious about winning and Walker is the piece they need.

Tim has become an all-around shooting guard and has improved as a play-maker, he is averaging 17 ppg and is putting on display why he was signed for 72 million by Scott Perry. Kemba Walker is as good a 3 point shooter as the Knicks will be able to acquire, aside from Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard I can not think of a better 3 point shooter at the point guard position, Kyrie Irving could also be mentioned but you get where I am going here.

Kemba Walker is a winner and deserves to have his talents on full display in Madison Square Garden, he is so underrated and does not get his due. The Hornets seem to lack an identity, Dwight has had a resurgent year but at best the Hornets are a first round exit if they even do make the playoffs. The Hornets have young players to work and develop and adding a young guard like Frank to go with Bacon and Monk gives Charlotte something to work with going forward.

In conclusion I have been watchin Kemba since his college days, in the NBA I have seen him single handedly carry the Hornets offensively and he is always overlooked. In New York he can make some noise and rock the Garden with his lightnight fast ball handling ability and elite 3 point shooting ability, Scott Perry the Knicks have been in the doldrums for too long make it happen.

Author: Dionis Beato

Hello everyone my name is Dionis, I am a huge fan of the NBA and have been following since 12. I love to speak on any NBA related topic and give advice in anyway possible. I'll give my opinion on several present topics and give you my insight and hopefully I'll keep you guys entertained with what I have to say, feel free to comment, I'm all for having a discussion.

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