Markelle Fultz Will Complete “The Process”.

Markelle Fultz is a 6’4 guard who was drafted #1 overall by the Philadelphia Sixers in the 2017 NBA Draft. Fultz has been sidelined with muscle in-balance in his right shoulder and has not played much, although he did log 10 points against the Wizards. In that game he was impressive

and showed the ability to drive and attack the basket fearlessly regardless of contact something Lonzo Ball has struggled with.

Markelle Fultz has really long arms and great size for a point guard and although their were questions about his shooting mechanics we can not expect him to be an erratic shooter, during the Washington Wizards game he showed the ability to create his own shot driving and pulling up for a free-throw line range jumper a lot like Russell Westbrook does. The Sixers stand in 10th place in the Eastern Conference at the moment with a 15-19 record but their are still 48 games to go in the season and Fultz will be re-evaluated soon so the Sixers offense might become lethal.

As of now the Sixers offense seems stagnant since Ben Simmons has yet to develop a reliable perimeter game, he definitely is a pass-first player and will rely on his athleticism and court vision to become a superstar in his career. Joel Embiid is arguably the most skilled center the NBA has ever seen, he is coming off a 29 point performance in which he hit 6 threes and finished the game shooting one from almost the Blazers logo. The Sixers lost but you’d like to think once Markelle gets in the lineup the Sixers will be absolutely dangerous on the offensive end since Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid can both find cutters and make plays for their teammates themselves.

Stephen Curry said Markelle Fultz has the all-around package, I’d like to think the best 3 point shooter of all-time who has transformed the game and was an unanimous MVP knows what he is talking about. Markelle might never become the shooter Curry is but he is more athletic then Curry was coming into the league and we all remember everyone had questions about Curry’s size and injury nags just like everyone is judging Markelle to be a bust without the 19 year old kid even getting 5 NBA games under his belt.

Curry said he sure hoped everyone was not judging him based off his first 20 games the way everyone is micro-scoping #2 overall pick Lonzo Ball’s every move on the NBA floor. Fultz has not even got 2 games in and NBA fans are calling the kid a bust, he is 19 years old let me remind you and has a whole lot of basketball ahead of him. The kid has exceptional ball-handling ability, he can create his own shot, he can blow by defenders and pull up from anywhere on the court for jumpers, he moves exceptional off the ball and will be a pick and roll terror with Joel Embiid. Sam Hinkie was let go by the Sixers but the patience in Philly will result in multiple titles in the future;Ben Simmons,Markelle Fultz, and Joel Embiid can be the next dominant big 3 in the NBA going into the 2020’s.

To conclude I just don’t see how Markelle Fultz will be a bust, Lonzo Ball had worst games then Fultz’s debut against the Wizards and even he has shown how good he will be by scoring 29 points 11 rebounds 9 assists against the Suns and scoring 24 points against the Warriors. Not knocking Lonzo Ball who will be special in his own right but Markelle Fultz seems fearless attacking the rim and the Sixers have been mediocre for two long. He will be exceptional alonside Embiid and Simmons and complete the process.


Author: D-NBA

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