Why is Kevin Durant not considered the best player in the game?

So Durant defeats Lebron in dominating fashion last season and beats him in the Finals yet Lebron is still the best? Durant’s move to Golden State was to put himself in the conversation for greatest small-forward ever by the time he retires.

Nothing against Lebron James who is one of the best players of all-time and is putting together a resume which only few will be able to match when he retires but Kevin Durant is

the new sheriff in town. He said in years ago he was tired of being second and it’s his turn to start picking up titles.

Lebron James is one of the most self-less superstars the league has ever seen but he is no Kevin Durant offensively nor is he the same cold-blooded scorer Kevin Durant is. Kevin Durant has a variety of go to moves and can isolate on any NBA defender and get his regardless of how good the defense is, he’s just that good.

Lebron James has improved his turnaround jumper and can fake right and go left with his shot or fake left and go right, he is more well rounded scorer this season and is relying more on perimeter shooting instead of just overpowering defenders on drives for lay-ups or kick-outs to shooters.

Durant has no weaknesses offensively though and has focused on becoming an ALL-NBA defender this season, he could possibly win Defensive Player of the Year this season and add that to his resume which is something Lebron has failed to accomplish.

Durant chose to play in Steve Kerr’s system over taking turns with Westbrook offensively to win a title. He’s playing team oriented basketball now in Golden State and has chose winning over accolades and carrying a franchise on his shoulders on his own and sharing that leadership role with Draymmond and Curry.

Durant outplayed Lebron in the Finals last season and will be able to chase titles in Golden State for the next 8-10 years barring any serious injury to Curry, Green, or Klay(assuming he re-signs). I’ll put it this way if you had to pick a teammate in a playground game of 2 on 2 who are you choosing Kevin Durant or Lebron James? I sure know who I’m picking.

Author: D-NBA

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