Kyle Kuzma could be the fish to lure Lebron.

Kyle Kuzma was drafted 27th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers and has been in and out of the Lakers starting lineup but has now found himself as possibly a permanent starter going forward.

Kyle Kuzma is averaging 25.6 ppg over his last 5 games and might possibly eclipse Ben Simmons for rookie of the year if he keeps scoring at this rate. Kuzma is not afraid to shoot the

ball and does not wait for the game to come to him, he makes things happen on the basketball court and makes his presence felt as a high profile scorer.

He can come off screens and shoot 3 pointers and moves exceptional off the ball. He can isolate on the perimeter and serve as a small-forward or stretch 4 and cause nightmare for opposing defenses. He still needs to develop more mass to his frame but he has potential as a proficient player in the post and adding a turn-around jumper to his arsenal would make him elite at 6’9.

Lebron James has bought a second mansion in LA and prioritizes family more then the success of his illustrious NBA career. He has accomplished enough and put together a resume which easily puts him top 5 all-time in NBA history, Lebron says watching his kids grow and lead happy lives is all that matters to him at this point.

Lebron has won 3 rings in his career and maybe he is done chasing Jordan in amount of titles and wants to play on the Lakers for the remainder of his career and possibly pick up 2-3 rings with a young promising core.

Kyle Kuzma serves as a go to scoring option for Lebron to use on drive and kick-outs and fast-break outlets. Lebron could also help mentor and accelerate Lonzo Ball’s development into potentially a top 5 point guard in the NBA. Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma would do well alongside an NBA great in Lebron James who knows all about facing adversity and knows what it takes to win.

To conclude we might not know what will be of Clarkson,Randle, and possibly even Ingram’s futures with Lebron possibly coming over. It would be wrong for the Lakers to give up on an ever improving Brandon Ingram who could blossom into Grant Hill but when Lebron James is thinking of coming over the Lakers might have to give up a prized prospect like Ingram. Merry Christmas everyone!


Author: Dionis Beato

Hello everyone my name is Dionis, I am a huge fan of the NBA and have been following since 12. I love to speak on any NBA related topic and that is what you will see in my channel, I'll give my opinion on several present topics and give you my insight and hopefully I'll keep you guys entertained with what I have to say, feel free to comment I'm all for having a discussion.

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