Michael Beasley Belongs on the Knicks.

Michael Beasley has been a journeyman most of his career, playing with the Suns,Timberwolves,Rockets,Bucks, and Heat. Now he finds himself on a 1 year contract with the New York Knicks in a place where this is a season for Beasley to shows he has matured and has put it all together. Beasley was

unstoppable in the NCAA and was projected to be a superstar in the NBA, it has not panned out that way up til now but he’s showing us what can happen when you mature and put your talent together with it.

Michael Beasley has been done several things which can hamper a professional athlete’s playing career but new Knicks GM Scott Perry brought Beasley over for 1 year to see how he performs. He is averaging 22.6 points per game over the last 5 games and the Knicks have been 4-1 during this run coming off an impressive win to Irving’s Celtics which roam at the top of the East. Porzingis was not able to finish the game but Beasley more then picked up the slacking scoring 32 points and grabbing 12 rebounds.

Is he a worth re-signing? Absolutely, Beasley carried the Knicks offensively during the 4th quarter last night demanding the ball in the post and delivering in the clutch. If the plan is to keep Porzingis around for the long haul I do not see how you do not bring back Beasley at least on a 2-3 year contract. Ntilikina displayed superb on ball defense against the Celtics and glimpses of what the future holds, the Knicks are playing with heart again and playing for one another resulting in their 17-14 winning record.

Scott Perry has a plan in New York, he is bringing his experience from Sacramento to the Big Apple and building a real team and not just putting together superstars, we see that never worked for Kobe,Dwight,Nash, and Gasol and currently Westbrook,George,and Melo who have struggled to find an identity offensively. The Knicks have their franchise player in Porzingis, they have a young point guard in Ntilikina who projects to be a possible ALL-NBA defender in his prime and be a solid 3-point shooter and play-maker.

Tim Hardaway Jr has become a better player and worked to become a better all-around player, currently sidelined with an injury but a solid 2nd option behind Porzingis. Hardaway Jr is fearless on the offensive end and plays both ends of the floor, brings energy and hustle to the lineup and is definitely a keeper.

To conclude,the Knicks are prioritizing winning because they know Porzingis wants to win now and wants to be no part of a rebuild, so simply don’t break what is building in New York. Re-sign Beasley and use him as a 6th man or start him at small-forward and move some contracts around along with the pick for an established center if possible like Deandre Jordan to accelerate the process and become a contender in the East? Stay tuned but make no mistake about it, Scott Perry knows what he is doing and the Knicks are back.


Author: D-NBA

Hello, the name is Dionis and I've been an avid sports enthusiast ever since childhood. I studied at William Paterson University where I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and have worked at several financial Institutions within the banking industry through my 20's. I've embarked on the entrepreneurial path in search of looking to impact as many lives as possible by providing value in a subject which has always been ingrained in me as a kid which is the NBA. I've followed the NBA passionately since I was old enough to pick up a Sega Genesis controller and pop in NBA Live 95. I hope to widen your interest in a game I've followed rigorously my entire life and plan on following till my time is up on this earth, thank you for visiting.

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