Lebron James needs to change to beat the Warriors.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Lebron James, easily the most athletic basketball player I have ever witnessed with my two eyes. Lebron James will break the record books by the time he retires and build up a resume only Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could rival, but will he be seen as

the greatest player of all-time if he does not get 6 rings? After all at the end of the day it is about winning, if you do not win you can not be considered the greatest.

Lebron James is arguably the most complete NBA player ever, he can rebound, run an offense, he can shoot from the perimeter, has unparalleled basketball IQ, and court-vision capable of dissolving any NBA defense. After Kevin Durant defeated Lebron James the 2017 NBA Finals I did an eye test and Kevin Durant wanted that ring more then Lebron James, that is what the eye test reveals to you when you saw each player’s actions.

Kevin Durant knew if he failed in the Finals he would be dug underground after joining a 73 win Warriors team who almost went back to back after defeated Lebron James in 6 games the 2015 Finals. Kevin Durant delivered in the biggest moment, Lebron James kicked a pass to Kyle Korver in the corner for a 3 and Kevin Durant did what true legends do, pulled up with no fear and hit a dagger right over a late recovering Lebron. Lebron James has improved his shooting and it has shown in his stats, he has had several nights where he has closed out games but he can not get comfortable once Isaiah Thomas comes returns.

Isaiah Thomas is due for a return in early January and is known as an aggressive scorer who comes alive in 4th quarters. His fearless mentality during 4th quarters made him a Boston favorite but Danny Ainge decided he was not worth re-signing so he moved him for Kyrie Irving, former teammate of Lebron James who is a true scorer at heart. If Lebron does end up facing the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals it would be the biggest moment of his career, if he can defeat the Warriors it would be an astronomical achievement to boost his argument for the GOAT crown.

To conclude I know the reason for Lebron’s improved 3 point shooting, it’s because he will need it in the Finals this year. Lebron has relied on his genetically gifted physique and tireless work ethic to become the player he is today, but you can not teach heart, it is something you either have or you don’t. It requires immense confidence and trusting yourself in life to succeed and Lebron must trust himself and his god given basketball talents to prevail over the Warriors because Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant sure won’t care if they sweep Lebron and possibly ruin his legacy, he’ll need to be Jordan in June.

Author: Dionis Beato

Hello everyone my name is Dionis, been a Sports fan since I was a kid growing up in the 90's. My blog is all a reflection of self-expression which I translate into words, I hope you enjoy my content and don't forget to check out the Youtube Channel at D-NBA.

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