Frank Vogel has his hands full in Orlando.

Frank Vogel has been unable to find an identity for the Orlando Magic. Their young forward Aaron Gordon has blossomed into a star this season showing an improved and go to jumper and looking like a future nightmare for opposing bigs on the offensive end. Aaron Gordon is up for a

contract extension but the question is is he a max player and will other teams come with max-offers for his services? More then likely yes.

Aaron Gordon is averaging a career high 18 points per game to go with 8 rebounds per game, he can play the small-forward position but is way more effective as a stretch power-forward being that he is 6’9 and 220 pounds. Draymmond Green is 6’7 and 230 pounds and is an All-Defense level player who is shorter and less athletic then Aaron Gordon is, Draymmond blows him away on defense though which Gordon’s glaring weakness.

Frank Vogel predicates defense more then anything stemming from his tenure with the Indiana Pacers which made several Eastern Conference Finals appearances behind former superstar Paul George who is one of the best two way players in the game as of now. Aaron Gordon is still just 22 so maybe it’ s worth re-signing him because he has yet to peak and has 10-12 years of possible All-Star basketball in him barring injury.

Mario Hezonja is a shooter picked up by the Magic drafted number 5 in the 2015 NBA draft, stands at 6’8 and 218 pounds and can play shooting guard all the way down to power-forward. Hezonja has not got the green light from Vogel just yet but Vogel might not have a choice, Hezonja brung back memories of Peja Stojakovic for me last night as he went up for 28 points on 8-12 shooting from the 3 point line coming off screens shooting with confidence.

Jonathan Simmons was brought over from the Spurs, backup to superstar Kawhi Leonard and one of Greg Popovich’s favorites last season. Jonathan Simmons is 6’6 195 and a phenomenal athlete who has developed into a 3 point shooter and solid defender and displayed his all-around ability by logging 23 points 6 rebounds and 7 assists in a loss to Detroit last night.

Elfryd Payton was drafted 10th overall the year 2014 by the Magic to be their point guard going forward but he has failed to develop his 3 point range and looks like a miniature version of Rajon Rondo, if you ask me he is not worth re-signing this coming summer. Jonathan Isaac was drafted this past drafted with the 6th pick, 6’10 with 7 foot wingspan. Isaac has unlimited potential on the defensive end and the one player who should be considered untouchable, the kid can serious develop into a combination of Durant and Leonard 3 years from now, absolutely frightening if you ask me.

To conclude the Orlando Magic have a lot of pieces to work with, Gordon and Isaac could make up for a dominant front-court and thrust the Orlando Magic to the top of the Eastern Conference sooner then later. Patience Magic fans, your time is coming.


Author: D-NBA

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