Russell Westbrook is on a mission.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have invested $207 million on superstar guard Russell Westbrook to bring home a championship. Russell Westbrook had a historic MVP season in which he averaged a 30 point triple double putting on full display what he was capable of with full reins to the team.

His former teammate superstar small-forward Kevin Durant decided to take a different route joining Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Most would believe Stephen Curry is Russell Westbrook’s arch rival, Russell is after the number 1 crown and seeking revenge on Kevin Durant.

Sam Presti has decided to make a run at the Golden State Warriors along with the Houston Rockets who stand in 1st place at the moment out West. Paul George is a free-agent this coming summer and Carmelo Anthony has a player option for the upcoming summer which he could be exercise if he desires to leave OKC.

As is OKC holds a top 5 defense despite their troubles on offense, on a good note all 3 superstars scored 20+ points last night in a epic triple overtime victory over the up and coming Sixers. Russell Westbrook finished the Sixers off with an emphatic dunk blowing by Ben Simmons and finishing over Dario Saric, the Philadelphia fans were speechless.

When I look at Russell Westbrook I see an all-time great with Michael Jordan like type drive, not saying Russell Westbrook is a 6’3 Michael Jordan but the heart is there. He had the necessary talent to win a championship and prove all his doubters wrong.

Westbrook must learn from Jordan and make the leap Jordan did 1991 when he won his first ring. Trust his teammates and be willing to share the big moments and not let his surreal confidence get the best of him when he often gets carried away. Instead of coming up court dashing through defenses trying to finish through 2-4 defenders he should look to make the extra pass because the shooters are there in George,Anthony, and Abrines.

Does it sound crazy that Westbrook might shock the NBA take out the Warriors and win Finals MVP this season? Wouldn’t shock me.

Author: Dionis Beato

Hello everyone my name is Dionis, been a Sports fan since I was a kid growing up in the 90's. My blog is all a reflection of self-expression which I translate into words, I hope you enjoy my content and don't forget to check out the Youtube Channel at D-NBA.

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