The Raptors Must Groom OG Anunoby Into Their 3rd Star to Take the Next Step.

OG Anunoby was drafted #23 in the 2017 NBA Draft by the Toronto Raptors. He is listed as 6’7 235 pounds and looks like a small-forward and possible stretch 4 since the league has transformed into a small ball game with bigs shooting 3 pointers more then ever now.

The Toronto Raptors have been quite surprising thus far, Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan seem more willing than year’s past to trust their fellow teammates instead of becoming a predictable isolation offense which has prohibited the Toronto Raptors from taking that next step which is to be able to actually win it all.

Back to OG Anunoby who reminds me a-lot of Kawhi Leonard since they are both about the same size, Anunoby is further along as a shooter then Kawhi was his early years where he was a 3 and D player behind Parker,Ginobili, and Duncan but Kawhi has crafted his all-around game and has become arguably the most complete player in the game after Lebron James. OG had a broken jumpshot during his time in Indiana but he has definitely put the work on his shooting resulting in Casey having no choice but to start him since he is a better defender then CJ Miles, the prized 3 point sniper the Raptors signed this past summer.

OG Anunoby has a surreal wingspan of 8’0 which is what is needed to be a potential ALL NBA defender, Kawhi’s long arms and one of a kind hands have led him to become the most lethal defender in the game, he single handedly had the Warriors on the ropes Game 1 of the 2017 Western Conference Finals by half-time putting on a defensive clinic and picking apart the Warriors on the offensive end as well. I am not saying OG Anunoby can become Kawhi Leonard because obviously Kawhi Leonard is a first-team ALL NBA player who carries his own franchise but I would not be shocked if OG Anunoby becomes an all-star by 2021-2022.

He is still very young at 20 years old so he will need time to get more acclimated playing with ball dominant guards Kyle and Demar, but I feel OG will benefit from Kyle and Demar’s willingness to become more self-less and try and help the Raptors develop that 3rd star they need.

Demarre Carroll stated he never felt involved in Toronto’s offense during his tenure there, he was in OG’s position but is now flourishing on the Brooklyn Nets playing in a Brooklyn offense which is predicated on ball movement, the Nets from starters to the bench seems like everyone contributes every night with D’Angelo Russell leading the way under coach Kenny Atkinson who is slowly building an identity for the Brooklyn Nets. If the Raptors are serious about contending in the East, Lowry and Derozan must stay dedicated to making the extra pass and sacrificing personal achievements to win big.

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