The Denver Nuggets are headed the same direction the Golden State Warriors did.

The Denver Nuggets have a core of Nikola Jokic,Jamal Murray, and Gary Harris which might put them amongst the NBA elites very soon. Nikola Jokic is a perfect example of a versatile big who might just be the best

passing big since Tim Duncan if not better. Jamal Murray stands at 6’4, not very athletic for a combo guard but has remarkable shooting ability and a Kyrie Irving type body. He is exceptional at using his size over smaller point guards since Mike Malone has decided to start him at point guard alongside Gary Harris.

Gary Harris is a do it all guard with phenomenal defensive intangibles and improving as a knock down 3 point shooter himself, Gary Harris reminds me a-lot of former New Jersey Net Kerry Kittles who wasn’t an elite scorer but complimented Jason Kidd perfectly on both ends of the court since he never needed the ball in his hands and played off ball just like Klay Thompson does alongside 2-Time MVP Stephen Curry.

Gary Harris and Jamal Murray can become a mirror of Curry and Klay who are regarded as the best backcourt of the league although you can definitely make a case for James Harden and Chris Paul also. What makes Denver’s ceiling as a future Western Conference power is Nikola Jokic who compensates for Jamal Murray’s lack of being more of a scorer then a natural facilitator.

Jokic is that pass-first big man who reminds me so much of Duncan who could go off for 30 and 15 one night and get 17 12 and 10 with 3-4 blocks another night and San Antonio still wins. Paul Millsap is around for the next 3 years and serves as a great piece who can help bring along a young stretch 4 like Trey Lyles who has had a couple good games this season and has potential to be a star one day himself. Beware of the Denver Nuggets they are coming.

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