Josh Jackson is slowly figuring it out.

Josh Jackson has been in and out of the starting lineup. Interim coach Tiriano has used him as a small ball 4 in his starting lineup or as an energy bunny off the

bench. Josh is flying under the radar due to Lonzo’s media created hype which his father creates and Ben Simmons who is making a case for becoming the best rookie of possibly all time. Josh Jackson has winning intangibles, plays with that tenacity of wanting to take on the opposing teams best wing scorer and priding himself on defense.

His jump shot needs serious work but even without his potential on the defensive side of the ball and underrated playmaking ability will make him very serviceable, he has to tighten up his ball handle and put on some muscle mass to play with stronger forwards such as Lebron,Durant,Kawhi, and soon to be Giannis and Ben.

He reminds me alot of Andre Iguodala only I believe Josh Jackson will be a better version of Andre Iguodala since he has that leader mentality and carries himself as an alpha out on the basketball floor, he is slowly coming along but make no mistake about it Josh Jackson will be a huge part of Phoenix’s success in the near future.

Author: D-NBA

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