Frank Mason III is legit and coming fast.

Frank Mason was drafted 34th overall in the 2017 NBA Draft by the Sacramento Kings. Standing at 6’0 and weighing 190 pounds Frank Mason combines unbelievable playmaking ability with

a polished jump-shot which might make Dave Joerger have to make changes to his rotation. The Kings did draft De’Aaron Fox with the 5th pick in the draft who is a lightning bolt end to end and might rival John Wall and Russell Westbrook’s end to end speed with the ball.

Judging off what I saw against the Lakers a couple nights ago I have no doubts that Frank Mason III will be a star in the NBA, I am not saying he will be better then Lonzo Ball but he did a-lot of things I wish Lonzo Ball would have done that game.

Frank Mason III attacked the Lakers defense consistently and drove at will and it was like once he got into the game the Kings lineup ran the floor like cheetahs and Bogdanovic and Cauley-Stein had an unbelievable chemistry which reminded me of the old Kings days when Chris Webber,Vlade Divac,Doug Christie,Peja Stojakovic, and Mike Bibby picked teams apart with plays off the post and constant passes off cuts to the rim.

The Kings have something great going in Sacramento and I see Vlade Divac’s vision for the Kings, hopefully Frank Mason III is a part of it because I see a more unselfish Stephon Marbury in Frank Mason III and yes I do know Stephon Marbury’s career did not have the most illustrious career but he had All-Star level talent he just never matured and never figured out how to win. Frank Mason III sparks the Sacramento Kings the moment he gets into games and is a lightning quick decision-maker, stay tunes folks.


Author: Dionis Beato

Hello everyone my name is Dionis, I am a huge fan of the NBA and have been following since 12. I love to speak on any NBA related topic and that is what you will see in my channel, I'll give my opinion on several present topics and give you my insight and hopefully I'll keep you guys entertained with what I have to say, feel free to comment I'm all for having a discussion.

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