Ben Simmons will be a legend on a Lebron James level.

This kid is very mature and carries himself like a true professional. Not as outgoing or silly like Joel Embiid and even Lebron James himself the player he is

often compared to. I do agree he definitely boast a Lebron like physique, Lebron was never as physically developed as this kid is until Lebron became a member of the Heat were he played more like a hybrid point-forward and trained with Hakeem Olajuwon to become a better passer and scorer in the post.

Ben Simmons is already playing like the Miami Lebron James were Lebron James transformed into a 6’8 260 mack-truck who tore apart defenses in transition with his unreal burst of speed and passes to shooters.

Ben Simmons is not the perimeter wing Lebron James was early in his career but the kid already has his mind on rings after almost knocking off the Golden State Warriors not too long ago in a very close bout and just scored 27 points and pulled down 10 rebounds shooting 13-24 from the field in dominant fashion.

Joel Embiid barring injury has the makings of a Hall-of-Famer so Ben Simmons has his side-kick early on to hopefully start that ring hunt as soon as next season.

Author: D-NBA

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