The Indiana Pacers have been impressive.

The Indiana Pacers have changed their identity no longer being spear-headed by superstar Paul George who they traded away for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, two players who

are shining ever since landing in Indiana. Oladipo has provided first-option offense averaging 23 ppg and finally living up to his draft potential. Coming out of Indiana I always envisioned Victor Oladipo as a 20-26 ppg scorer in the NBA, he is somewhat undersized for a shooting guard but packs an athletic punch and is a really good ball handler fast-breaks and explosive finishing at the rim.

Domantas Sabonis started for Billy Donovan which was quite impressive for a rookie in his first year. Domantas never really seemed comfortable on the Thunder playing alongside such a ball-dominant guard in Russell Westbrook who might have stunted Victor Oladipo’s production last season since Russell Westbrook is such a ball-dominant player a lot like Lebron James. Nate McMillan has the Indiana Pacers playing at a fast pace and has Victor Oladipo at the forefront of their attack, Myles Turner is back from injury but not at 100 percent yet but hopefully he will be as the season prolongs and the Pacers chase a playoff spot.

The Indiana Pacers stand at 7-8 but it is still very early on, they picked up an impressive win over the Memphis Grizzlies in their homecourt  and have a very bright future. They seem to lack a dynamic point guard which almost every NBA team has which most of us would agree is the most star-studded point guard era with Russell Westbrook,Stephen Curry, and John Wall leading. Collin Sexton is currently playing for Alabama under coach Avery Johnson, Sexton could be the player Indiana needs to get them back to the top of the East.

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