DeAndre Ayton is the next Alonzo Mourning.

DeAndre Ayton is projected as a top 5 pick in the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft. He is a 7’1 center weighing in at 260 pounds with a wingspan of 7’0. What makes DeAndre so special is his offensive versatility as a

big who can play in the post as well as face up and knock down jumpers off a pick and roll and pop. He has polished post moves for a player his age and is already more physically ready then a player like Dwight Howard was he number 1 pick and came into the league as a high-schooler with infinite athleticism but limited offensive ability.

DeAndre is already more talented offensively then Howard was at his age and has a jumpshot in his arsenal which Howard till this day has been unable to add to his game. DeAndre Ayton is built like an ox with a massive upperbody and can finish in traffic downlow in the paint through contact, he suits today’s NBA where an athletic NBA center is needed to keep up with the frentic pace the league is trending towards where floor spacers are a must.

The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are picking teams apart with superb ball movement and loads of switching on defense. DeAndre Ayton can be that mismatch and difference maker against a team like Golden State which plays 4 out 1 in most of the times and has limited rim protection. Ayton can catch the ball deep in the post and have a feast in the paint with his strength and talent in the post, I really believe he will be one of the bigs leading the hierarchy of big men were Porzingis,Embiid,Cousins,Jokic, and Towns are leading the way.

Author: D-NBA

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