Lonzo Ball critics need to relax.

Lonzo Ball has gotten off to a rough start so far this season, he did score 29 points in Phoenix and showed us what he could be in his prime. He is facing an immense amount of

pressure due to his outspoken father who claims his son could be even bigger then the legend Kobe Bryant himself because of the hype Lonzo Ball is receiving and the social media driven society we live in now where every single rumor is publicized on the internet.

I am sure if Michael Jordan,Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson played out their careers in such a media driven world they would have probably got torched and seen different because their every move would be analyzed just like Lebron James’s every move is analyzed nowadays. Lonzo Ball certainly has the size,quickness,and athleticism coupled with the point guard tangibles and court vision to excel in the way past superstar floor generals like Jason Kidd and Steve Nash did. His defense might never be elite but he has length for a point guard and looks to make an impact on that end of the floor which will sit good with Luke Walton who is looking to cause turnovers and get the Lakers out and running.

Lonzo Ball can anchor an offense and lead a fast break a lot like Stephen Curry currently does and control the pace of a game, what he does on the court does not come up on the stat sheet but the kid is a very underrated defender and just 20 years old. He is averaging better numbers then Steve Nash did his first 4 seasons, it took Nash until his 5th year when he finally broke out and averaged 15 ppg with 7 apg for the Dallas Mavericks.

Lonzo Ball will be a superstar point guard but we must give him time to develop both mentally and physically, he is facing unfair pressure due to his father who basically speaks for him.  The kid is a winner and even though he lost to the Celtics last night and the game at Portland both games where within reach, his presence out on the floor makes a difference and once he gets it together mentally and gains confidence in his shot the Lakers will be in the playoffs instantly if not this season.

Author: Dionis Beato

Hello everyone my name is Dionis, been a Sports fan since I was a kid growing up in the 90's. My blog is all a reflection of self-expression which I translate into words, I hope you enjoy my content and don't forget to check out the Youtube Channel at D-NBA.

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