Michael Porter Jr is going to be the most dynamic superstar we have seen since Tracy McGrady.

I’ve been watching this kid play since His early years in high school and he is set to play his first year of college in a few days. There are rumors he might not declare for

the 2018 NBA draft but I don’t see how he doesn’t.

This guy is 6’10 can shoot fade away jumpers just like Dirk Nowitzki from all over the court, he can jump out of the gym and create his own shot and is also a solid rebounder.

On top of that he is a very crafty finisher and can finish through contact and does not shy away from it, I’m calling it Michael Porter Jr will be a 30-35 ppg scorer in his prime and he will have no problem averaging 20 ppg  out of the gate in his first year in the NBA.  I would love to see him coached under Rick Carlisle, he would fit in perfectly with Harrison Barnes and Dennis Smith Jr.

Author: Dionis Beato

Hello everyone my name is Dionis, I am a huge fan of the NBA and have been following since 12. I love to speak on any NBA related topic and give advice in anyway possible. I'll give my opinion on several present topics and give you my insight and hopefully I'll keep you guys entertained with what I have to say, feel free to comment, I'm all for having a discussion.

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